Purchase Property with Bitcoin in Dubai

Using Cryptocurrency to purchase property is now a perfectly feasible option for international buyers.

Based on your requirements, I will curate properties that both satisfy your specification and can be purchased using Cryptocurrency.

I will recommend crypto-financial exchanges to manage the conversion process to fiat, and the payment transaction.

For developer stock, as an independent broker, I will manage the sales process on your behalf.

For property bought directly from private ownership, I will manage your interests through to transfer of Title Deed at the Dubai Land Department.

Crypto-Financial Service Providers

These are the companies I will usually recommend to facilitate your transaction.

  • Bitcoin Suisse AG (Switzerland)
  • CGCX PTE Ltd (Singapore)
  • E-Mal Holdings PTE LTD (Singapore)
  • Bank Frick & Co AG (Lichtenstein)
  • Jibrel AG (Switzerland)
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